Jay Morris
Sarah McGill

eiewa is here to support teachers in WA and beyond. We provide professional learning through online courses and coaching.

Who are the facilitators

Jay Morris has been a Teacher and Leader for 21 years and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in Classroom and Behavioural Management, she has taught Mathematics, Physical Education, and Health. Jay has a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership specialising in Behaviour Management and Engagement.  

Sarah McGill has a broad range of experience in education. She has taught in both the primary school and secondary school environment as a Level 3 classroom teacher,  Head of Department for HaSS. As a result of her experience, Sarah is incredibly skilled in  building effective teams and student relationships,  creating engaging programs, coaching and mentoring peers and creating optimal learning environments to improve student outcomes.  She is an experienced presenter and has presented at Teach Meet events, the Institute of Professional Learning and has facilitated numerous Professional Learning events for the Geographical Association for Western  Australia to improve teacher capacity in Geography. She is currently a member of the Business Educators of Western Australia,